hybrid recycled board intended for green roofs..


Enviboard is a hybrid recycled board intended for both green and blue roofs combining the drainage and retention functions. Enviboard ensures optimal water distribution for plants, not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical plane. This recycled and recyclable board also forms a protective technological layer of waterproofing when a green roof is installed. Thanks to its measured and certified features, Enviboard can be used in both extensive and intensive green roofs, according to your project needs.


Key parameters

  • Recycled product without added chemical adhesives

  • Optimum drainage features, both for the roof and for vegetation

  • High mechanical resistance

  • Quick installation thanks to simple one type material construction

Enviboard as a material

Enviboard is made from recycled polyester fibre without any chemical bonds. Thanks to this procedure, the material can be recycled. Chemical adhesives and high content of PUR foam negatively influences the long-term development of vegetation on green roofs. The system of the roof composition with Enviboard represents an effective use of recycled materials, search for new concepts leading to decreased energy consumption and environmental burden elimination.


Enviboard is made in two basic versions with the thickness of 20 and 30 mm. These different types ensure highly variable use of hybrid boards according to the required retention features in a particular locality. This design conception is part of the design principles of the Smart Roof Solutions system. A simple line of products enables implementation of a wide range of installations of extensive, biodiverse (natural base solution), semi-intensive and intensive green roofs with various exposition or modular retention features.


Green roofs with Enviboard bring many benefits to your project

  • They prevent overheating of roofs and connected constructions  

  • They are excellent sound insulation  

  • They filter off dust particles and reduce their presence in the streets

  • They produce oxygen and they bind carbon dioxide

  • They slow down rainwater drainage  

  • They create new and more valuable urban ecosystems as regards fauna and flora

  • They reduce overheating of street complexes if they are used more frequently

  • Excellent protection of waterproofing from UV radiation  

  • An aesthetic means of expressive architecture of modern constructions

Possible uses of green roofs


  • Flat extensive roofs

  • Biodiverse roofs

  • Flat semi-intensive roofs

  • Intensive roofs

  • Sloped roofs up to 30° according to the chosen catchment system


Why choose a composition with Enviboard hybrid board?

  • Ideal rainwater drainage from the roof

  • Guaranteed retention and accumulation parameters, unlike the composition with a single layer of substrate

  • Lower basic weight of EnviBoard boards makes them suitable also for light roof constructions and reconstructions of existing roofs

  • The hybrid board makes the installation easier and protects the waterproofing layer

  • Recycled and recyclable product made without water consumption, i.e. a minimum carbon footprint

Approximate comparison of drainage features of various types of compositions (drainage)


Composition with stud membrane – after the studs are filled with water, it has no more retention capability

Ideal drainage features corresponding to the layer of substrate


Composition with EnviBoard – the drainage features can be compared with the substrate behaviour

Composition with hydrophilic cotton wool – excessive retention capability means a danger of waterlogged root system in the vegetation layer

Why use green roofs? 


4 out of 5 EU inhabitants will soon live in towns or large urban areas


While urban growth has been accelerating, towns and cities all over the world are becoming more and more vulnerable to climate change. Urban heat islands, air pollution and frequent floods are the main current threats and also challenges for urban areas. Stressful environment has a bigger and bigger impact not only on the health of the inhabitants but also on economy.

What has been built will last for decades


This undisputable fact must reflect valuable design of projects and constructions with regard to future climate, extreme weather conditions and their impacts on both humans and buildings. Qualitative measured parameters of products are the key for a responsible decision concerning the use of suitable building products.


Green infrastructure has always been an integral part of construction. Only the degree of its use has been changing throughout history. With the current need of adaptation measures for constructions with concrete parameters for the sustainable construction concept, the need of more exact planning has become a basic priority.



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